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Inhaca Island Activities & Excursions - Scuba Diving & Snorkelling

Inhaca Island has some of the best coral reefs in Mozambique, with its very impressive 100km coastline. Marine life is plentiful.

Diving in Inhaca is a world class experience with the natural beauty of the coral reef practically untouched and unspoiled. Shark and Wreck diving is also possible which is an amazing experience.

All told, Inhaca has some 100 km of coastline, much of it having some of the best coral reefs in the Mozambique Channel. Snorkeling conditions in the inshore bay areas are excellent for novices and, while visibility may not be as good as it is on the offshore reefs, marine life is plentiful.

Scuba diving off Inhaca is truly inspirational and is one of the best kept secrets along the eastern coast! Chamfuta Lodge have linked up with Carlos Neill Borges a certified PADI instructor who resides on the Island (MSDT152857), and who is able to offer full open water, advanced, specialist and refresher courses within the comfort of our Lodge as well as accompany you on any of the incredibly diverse and spectacular dives available around the Island.

Due to the varying tides, currents and trade winds Inhaca is certainly not a renowned mass diving hotspot, which makes the place that much more special! It is almost a guarantee that you will have the Ocean to yourselves, not another dive boat in site where inquisitive sharks abound and game fish that are not perturbed by your noisy exhalations check you out!

Baixa Danea is a largely unknown and unexplored World Class diving site located off the northern point of the Island and for the diving enthusiast, this is a rare and unique place offering a proliferation of marine and coral life interspersed between the remains of an old steam cargo ship, believed to be the M/S Hai Hing sunk by a German U-Boat in November 1942. Swim between its towering boilers, explore the engine room and marvel at the intact prop literally meters from the surface!

This is a huge coral reef, over 2km in length with many overhangs, caves, swim throughs and gulley’s, ranging from 5m down to 35 meters on the north westerly drop offs – Hammer Heads are regular visitors here and resident grey reef, black tip, white tip and nurse sharks are common. Loggerhead, Leatherback and Olive Ridley turtles, manta rays and ribbon tail rays as well as some very large potato and brindle bass are just some of the residents and visitors to this spectacular diving spot.

Fish found during the summer months:

Staghorn and plate coral, moray eel potato bass, large school of barracuda and kingfish are in abundance. Dolphins, whale sharks and manta rays are not uncommon.

The average depth is approximately 18m with a maximum diving depth of 30m. The water visibility is between 10-30m and the temperature is mostly between 22-27 degrees.

Courses are offered by highly trained professional dive instructors which make this experience both educational and fun.

At our House dive at Banco de Xina you can search for critters at the same time as getting vertigo from the thousands of Maasbankers (horse mackerel) and big eye kingfish shoals moving relentlessly up and down, whilst exhilarating big game fish diving at Garfield’s, Tower and Baixa de Santa Maria are not for the fainthearted!

With so many diverse diving opportunities available on Inhaca, many of them rarely explored, we strongly recommend you take full advantage!

Coral Gardens / Barreira Vermelha Inhaca Island

On the incoming tide, a short boat ride south will take you to Barreira Vermelha, more commonly known as Coral Gardens, where you can jump into the warm, shallow waters of the Indian Ocean and enjoy some incredible snorkelling opportunities where coral growth, due to the shallowness and protection of the waters in this area, continues to thrive – marvel at the size of the Plate and Brain Corals and spot the juvenile damsels and Chocolate Dips hiding in between Stag Corals. You may even see the occasional Loggerheads Turtle!

We strongly advise that, under any circumstance, is any person allowed to stand on, touch the coral reefs and/or collect any souvenirs of any kind. This excursion can only take place on high tides when clean waters have been pushed in and high enough to afford clearance between your legs and the reef.


Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Sites at Inhaca Island


Dive Sites: Baixa Danea - Bunkshin Reef - Hotel Reef - Banco De China - Coral Gardens - Santa Maria Reef