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Inhaca Island has some of the best coral reefs in Mozambique, with its very impressive 100km coastline. Marine life is plentiful.

The best snorkelling sites at Inhaca are at Coral Gardens (about 1km down the beach from the main jetty area) and also directly across from Santa Maria. Both sites ideally require a boat to take you out there where you can drift along some very healthy looking coral reef. If you are a strong / confident swimmer, these reefs can also be reached by snorkelling directly offshore, they are about 500m out from the land. The snorkelling is mainly around a good variety of reef fish, including Spotted Rubber lips, Jewel Damsels, Zanzibar Butterflyfish, Purple Butterflyfish, numerous surgeons and a great variety of Trigger Fish and File Fish. Turtles are apparently spotted along the edge of the reef channel quite regularly.

Invertebrates in the area are rather thin on the ground and very few nuidbranchs, anemones and urchins that one would expect in such an area. Overall, great, healthy looking coral, insane fish variety but not huge numbers. If you do snorkel this area, try visit at spring low tides where you can get closer to the reef, at high tides, the reef is well over 2m deep and difficult to appreciate it to it's fullest. 

If you have some time to kill between exploring the reef and island, explore the shallow sea grass beds just offshore from Inhaca Island. The water is clean and seldom much more than a meter or so deep. Excellent for seeing huge variety of starfish as well as (if you are lucky) a chance to find a seahorse.

Snorkelling Sites: Baixa Danea - Bunkshin Reef - Hotel Reef - Banco De China - Coral Gardens - Santa Maria Reef


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