Inhaca Island Activities & Excursions - Lighthouse Trip

When the incoming tide is high enough, the boat will take you between Inhaca and Portuguese Island to a deserted part of beach close to the northern tip of the Island – from here, for those who are adventurous to try, a +/- 3km return walk across the sands and through tropical forest areas will take you to the Inhaca Lighthouse (Farol) where the light keeper will allow you, for a small donation, to climb to the top of the tower and marvel at the truly breathtaking expanse and beauty of both Inhaca Island and the Great Indian Ocean.

A guide will accompany you along this trip and we strongly recommend the usage of footwear due to the extreme heat of the summer sand! We must advise that this is a tough climb with steep inclines, but one that is more than worth the effort! This is an excursion that must not be missed, a truly awe inspiring expedition!!

For those looking for a more relaxed, less strenuous excursion, a walk along the beach will bring you close to the northern tip of Inhaca Island where you would be able to glimpse the last visible part of the old lighthouse shipwreck, the M/S Tecumseh that went down in November 1932, and enjoy the many rock pools that abound in this area when the tide is out – here you will find an abundance of juvenile fish, crabs, cleaner shrimps and even moray eels – large, enticing rock pools also call you in to relax and unwind………



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